Collection: Dawning | Seasonless'22

Wandering minds. Swerving souls. Chasing surreal dreams. Always so hurried, always yearning. Seldom heeding the radiant light of day that falls upon us.

Unbothered by what comes in its way, the beams pass through the branches, the leaves, reflecting from the water, finding its way to hit the ground, dawning on the surface, brightens and creates a beautiful interplay of warm hues and tones filling our blank canvas with colour.

The rays lay on us like a blanket, infusing us with a sense of warmth, a sense of calm, enveloping us in its comfort. They foster hope. The hope for indulging in something new, the hope that the world is full of opportunities waiting for us. Dawning is our attempt to bring this essence to life.

This collection features tailored Kora-coloured
garments following a free and intuitive approach to embroidery. Simple yet elegant Kantha stitches depict the warm shades of brown to adorn these undyed and unbleached fabrics to create nostalgic yet timeless silhouettes.

Dawning | Seasonless'22