Collection: Lafaani x Juju By Grishma

Lafaani and Juju By Grishma's paths crossed in the spirited land of Goa, where a shared passion for art and craftsmanship ignited a spark. Lafaani, translates to 'Immortality,' embodying the essence of the brand's commitment to curate timeless merchandise that transcends fleeting trends.

Juju By Grishma is a unique brand that straddles design, sculpture, and craftsmanship. Grishma's practice is a tribute to nature, inspired by the subtle beauty often overlooked in our surroundings.

As you unwrap this gift, may you feel the spirit of craftsmanship, love, and dedication woven into every detail. Here's to the timeless wonder that art brings and the stories it carries.

Wishing you joy and inspiration,
Lafaani X Juju By Grishma
Lafaani x Juju By Grishma