Lafaani Journals

  • Food For Thought | Is renting better than buying clothes?

    When promoting the concept of renting, the terms ‘flexibility’, ‘financially feasibility’, and ‘go green’ are thrown around, but have you stopped to give this a thought?
  • Lafaani Seasonless’21 Style Guide

    We are fantasizing about sunrises and sunsets, the stillness before the rain and the chaos following, and the warm rays of the sun on a chilly winter day today at Lafaani. Seasons have always held a significant meaning.
  • Cost-Per-Wear: Justifying cost of sustainable fashion

    Sustainable Clothing is an umbrella term that may be loosely defined as garments which are green, ethical and economically fair; harboring elements...
  • The value of the bond shared with clothes

    Clothing is a form of art, it is all about expressing yourself. The garments we wear every day speak volumes in terms of who we are. Besides its ae...
  • Lafaani’s story through the logo

    The meaning behind our name, the inspiration behind our logo and the promise we aim to keep; take a look at what Lafaani is all about.