Our Design Principles

By “thinking” of design as embodied processes of experience, we are able to create garments that are transformative and adaptive

Design transcends time

Design for Longevity

Garments designed in mono-materials with enduring silhouettes, attention to detail, and crafted in natural materials. Repair kits are provided to prolong garment use. From buttons to embroidery threads, our small batch manufacturing ensures eco-friendliness, making our products 100% biodegradable.

Do more with less


Simple manipulations in garments allow choice and interchangeability to the wearer.


The art of artisanal collaborations

Craft Collaborations

Connecting with land, geographies, and traditional crafts with minimal reliance on electricity by co-creating hand/ambar charkha spun, handwoven and naturally dyed textiles, preserving personal histories through hand embroidery techniques.

The second life movement


All pre-retail fabric waste is repurposed into our 100% upcycled accessories.