Lafaani’s story through the logo

Lafaani’s story through the logo

Lafaani literally stands for "Immortality."

Immortality perfectly encapsulates our brand's mission to create products that last for eons and isn't transitory. We aim to immortalize the labor and toil of all the craftspeople who instill our handcrafted products with character by means of making and using them.

We, as a brand, have some strong beliefs that we are deeply rooted in. These beliefs pave our path and guide us forward towards our vision. Lafaani’s story is aptly captured by our logo that translates to the many things we stand for.

The hand-drawn rings express how the brand accepts and embodies the notion that the irregularities and inconsistencies endemic to handcrafted goods are, in essence, the ‘impeccable' soul of our handwoven, hand-embroidered, and hand-finished products. The embroidery, the stitches aren’t imperfect, instead they all follow their own flow and make each silhouette unique.

In terms of the product and its journey, the rings reflect on our commitment towards circularity. Our clothing is composed primarily of natural materials and are hundred percent biodegradable, allowing each and every piece to complete its purpose and journey. While talking of circularity, we also intend at developing and growing our diligence towards the process by presenting our consumers with the opportunity to upcycle their purchases by direct or indirect means and bestow the clothing with a new life and meaning.

Our strong dedication to continuity and our endeavor to provide ageless fashion are symbolized by the abounding number of rings. The endless spiral of rings depicts our aim to create timeless pieces that last longer while remaining vogue and, like Lafaani, can embark on a long, vibrant journey. And while the spiral of rings indicates this, the phrase “Life is a circle”, something that really makes us think about the significance of everything, is embodied by our crooked yet flawless rings. It denotes how, with each of our collections we are making an attempt to explore and bring back traditional knowledge and craft techniques.
The various rings of sorts illustrate that at Lafaani, our intention is to incorporate more size options along with timeless design fit for all our consumers, so as to approach inclusivity.

Lastly, our emblem may appear to mimic a seal at first glimpse. This seal is a reflection of our ideals and beliefs. It's a visual representation of our promise to respect and deliver on our responsibilities and commitments to all our stakeholders.

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