Collection: Phosphene | Seasonless'24

Where are you now? How far have you come? Every step you took, every path you chose, led you here- a well earned ache, a popcorn surprise, a fleeting respite.

A fractured nature of identity- vulnerable, humorous and provocative; hidden in between the lines of your painterly prose. The rings, the colours, the moving shapes, shared oddities that form as you let in the light from the universe and close your eyes and whisper into your thoughts, ever changing, ever evolving, complex and human.

There are no wrong turns here. Only an impermanence of being and an abundance of opportunities that lets you live many lives in ways that you choose.

And as we navigate through these threads of time, what remains true is that there are others who have travelled with you, there are others who have travelled before, and there are others who will travel further.

What is yours, is ever thine, ever mine, ever ours.
Phosphene | Seasonless'24