Lafaani literally translates to 'Immortality'

We curate merchandise that lives for many moons and isn't ephemeral.

By means of creating and using our handcrafted products, we are immortalizing the labour and toil of all the artisans who breathed life into it.

Made-to-order | Customizable

At Lafaani, our made-to-order model is more than just a commitment to customer satisfaction—it's a pledge to minimize waste and environmental impact.

By eschewing traditional mass production methods and stocking inventory, we avoid over producing garments that may go unsold or end up in landfills. Instead, we utilize the made-to-order approach, which allows us to produce items only when they are requested by customers. This strategy not only reduces excess inventory but also minimizes our carbon footprint and resource consumption.

By prioritizing customization and craftsmanship, we ensure that each garment is made with care and attention to detail, resulting in pieces that are cherished by our customers and stand the test of time in their wardrobes.

Learning from the rural lands and local hands where cotton naturally grows

Two Environmentalists Walk Into A Closet And Come Out With Lafaani

Drishti and Rashmick met while pursuing a postgraduate degree in Environmental Studies and Resources Management. They have worked in remote water-stressed Indian villages and on sustainable agricultural and zero-waste projects, a green past that’s sewn into the hems and whispered into the pockets of the contemporary clothing they curate at Lafaani.

  • Indulge Express

    From their debut collection to subsequent ones, the label epitomises fashioning clothes from indigenous cotton fabrics (kala cotton and brown cotton) that are hand-spun, hand-woven and naturally dyed, incorporating the age-old embroidery techniques of kantha, couching, French knots and bullion knots in collaboration with grassroots communities.

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  • Good Maker Tales

    For me, Lafaani outshines traditional fashion brands in so many ways, including their unwavering commitment to using locally sourced materials such as Indigenous cotton, ensuring that their garments support local farmers and maintain a low environmental footprint. Their clothes are multifunctional, designed with versatility in mind, making them infinitely more sustainable.

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  • Circular Design Challenge 2023

    The India Shortlist Jury of R|Elan™ presents Circular Design Challenge (CDC) in partnership with the United Nations in India, saw Lafaani present their collection of 100% biodegradable and modular apparel, rooted in circularity.

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  • Current Mood Magazine

    "What does currentMood Mag adore most about Lafaani? Those thoughtful repair kits – a smart way to make your fashion last longer!"

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  • Blur The Border

    Blur The Border speaks to Drishti and Rashmick - co-founders of Lafaani on their design process and the challenges of building a conscious brand in India.

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  • Brownliving

    "A passion project, started by two friends, with their unabashed love and admiration for timeless designs, Indian textiles, and learnings from traditional Indian craft knowledge."

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  • Pretty As You Please

    "Lafaani is supporting initiatives that are conserving pre-loom processes, creating direct sustainable livelihoods for weavers and artisans across the supply chain. Their intention is to conserve and maintain indigenous resources and crafts."

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  • Brown Paper Bag

    "Drishti and Rashmick who met while pursuing a degree in Environmental Studies and Resources Management, are responsible for Lafaani, a thoroughly-researched, 100% biodegradable, Indian heritage-loving, kantha-obsessed contemporary clothing label for men and women."

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