Collection: Sonder | Seasonless'23

A play of shadows as we pointed the flashlight towards the ceilings and held the light against our hand; doggy ears, flying fishes and kissing rabbits; in the journey to discovering the wilderness in the safety of our rooms to the uncertainties on the outside, what became of us? 

What seemed Black or White came to us as Grey. A peek underneath the layers revealed vivid colours, unnamed colours, and complex colours. A work in progress, an unfinished poem, a blank post script.

Amidst all of this, how can we hold on to ourselves? As we take a dive into the ocean, how can we remember to also look out for the shore?

By taking a step back before taking a leap, by looking into the mirror and appreciating oneself for a brief moment before entering a room full of varied expressions. By acknowledging the fact that self awareness is as important as being aware of the world around us, we can only simplify loving ourselves.

As the Sun and Moon bore witness to the paths we took and the lines on our forehead became our timekeeper, of bittersweet memories and distant dreams, we grew to show a side of ourselves we didn't know. Yet, after all of this, we can never be certain of what tomorrow holds. And for those days, que sera, sera. 

Sonder | Seasonless'23