Collection: Rewind | Seasonless'22

The path you walked has been walked before. It has been paved by the people who came before you and you don't know where the branches will take you. Everlasting as it is, the chain of ancestry is circular. Everything is circular - the Sun, the Moon, your coffee cups.
Belongingness occurs where you stand but your roots go deeper than the ground you stand on. Immortality can exist with things and culture In our constant search for inspiration, sometimes going back and unpacking the cassette of memories can help us feel closer to home.
It is in these shared memories that we find common ground. The forests, mountains, rivers and seas have all been witness to the decadal changes in human history.
Tracing one's footsteps, you unlearn and learn a new perspective, and connect to a different era in time. Shedding old layers, the journey backward could lead you forward. The things you have learned will guide you.
Rewind | Seasonless'22