Collection: Memoirs of Materiality | Seasonless '23

A piece of cloth laid in front of your hands. A cloth that on the surface may not look like much, a cloth that wasn’t necessarily new, yet what came to you naturally is the instinct of brushing your fingers against the material, assessing the textures, circling around the bumps, knots and spotting every other irregularities. Every touch has a memory. An inherent view of understanding that the meaning of something is its connections to the past, present, and future experiences, actual or possible. And that that piece of cloth in itself that has its own experiences and personal stories. 

Yours were not the first hands to touch this cloth. Look closer and you will see the fingerprints of many, look back and you will see a legacy of our memories past; unknown faces that breathed life into this piece of cloth. And yet it’s journey does not end here. In fact, its only a starting point to create an embodied interaction with the permanence of thread which cannot be erased, demanding a rethinking of the forms, structures and their purpose we encounter.
Memoirs of Materiality | Seasonless '23