The value of the bond shared with clothes

The value of the bond shared with clothes

Clothing is a form of art, it is all about expressing yourself. The garments we wear every day speak volumes in terms of who we are.

Besides its aesthetic appeal, clothing has the power to elicit issues of identity, the relationship between ourselves and our body, as well as ourselves and the world. We can discover ourselves by rummaging through our closets and revisiting our memories. Clothes are thus layered with meaning as they serve as cues that aid in the recollection of our memories. Remnants of past events are intertwined into their fabric, and connections to people we have known and loved are stitched into their seams. Clothing is not trivial, irreverent, or ludicrous when observed as visual objects. When we wrap clothes around our bodies, when we speak and discuss them, we divulge a lot regarding ourselves, our lifestyles, and the experiences we have had. Clothes, whether purchased or handmade, handed down or recreated, enable us in remembering the important events in our life

For me, my grandmother's shawl is one piece of clothing that is extremely dear to me. Its rich history along with the exquisite needle embroidered craftsmanship on a handmade Cashmere Pashmina makes it an incredibly elegant shawl that is truly unique and close to my heart.

This shawl has been passed down from my grandmother to my mother and now to me. It has seen many days, some rough and some utterly beautiful. I remember my mother wearing this shawl to her brother's wedding on a chilly winter night with the temperature dropping down to 3°C. Despite the low temperatures, I could tell she was warm and happy with no signs of exhaustion from all the labor that went into the wedding. I recall looking at her with glittering eyes, wishing that one day, I too could wrap that shawl around myself and feel the same way she did. The fact that now, I get to hold onto it and be able to share, cherish and celebrate all the memories of my loved ones makes this shawl even more meaningful to me. 

This shawl is a sentimental piece of clothing that I hope to pass down to someone dear to me in the future. It is nostalgic and every time I wrap it around I feel the warmth of my close ones. It is a feeling of nostalgia, recollection, and home amongst others.

There is a reason why wedding dresses and uniforms from our school time occupy our trunks. They are not practical anymore, but they serve as mementos and reflections of our past experiences. At Lafaani, we understand the significance of the bonds with your clothes. We value the relationship between you and your garments and take it upon ourselves to offer you enduring clothes with which you can embark on your special journey and create memories that you treasure.

-Co-Authored by Pratha Vohra

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