Lafaani Seasonless' 21 Style Guide

Lafaani Seasonless’21 Style Guide

We are fantasizing about sunrises and sunsets, the stillness before the rain and the chaos following, and the warm rays of the sun on a chilly winter day today at Lafaani. Seasons have always held a significant meaning. Each one evokes an emotion and a sense of nostalgia. We feel refreshed and radiant, like the breeze and the warm sunny outdoors, sad and gloomy like the showers, and cheerful and exuberant like the fields when the sunshine kisses it. 

This is the season to wrap ourselves with silhouettes that can be painted with the memories and experiences that one shares.

It is the moment of letting go of the ruckus and focusing on what is important. To be carefree, feel a euphoric sense of new beginnings, and having a good time. Surrounding yourself with a splash of vibrancy here and there.

Let each season be an escape to our nostalgic roots. Let’s recall that favorite shirt or the dress that you wore for your first date.  Let’s remember and relive those familiar emotions that are so comforting. The potato fritters with a cup of tea during the rains or the fragrance of the flowers in the springtime.

Cotton, our favorite locally produced Indian fabric, is essential for all our seasons. It is our go-to textile that is easy to wear. We offer effortless, breathable and beautiful silhouettes with everlasting colours such as Mud Memories, Secret Path, Deckled Edge, Tunnel Vision and Sawdust. 

Each garment is light and airy, from the detailing of the dreamy sleeves to each seam, we ensure everything is made with thought and care. Our favorites this season are the pleats and flap detailing. We keep periphery details to a minimum because we let the silhouettes interpret the body language. Minimal designs with complementary colours and intricate stitches of Katha embroidery highlight our ethos and evoke precious memories.

The narrative is complete once the unifying element of styling comes in the picture. You are reminded that you are the protagonist and it is your voyage. You must wear clothes that project you best and not shy away under the shadows of trends.  Keep in mind that dressing for yourself is what is exciting about dressing up at all and you have us to accompany you as you take this journey of discovering yourself.

We recommend:

Take 1: Switch it up, try new styles, have fun with pairing and opting for contrasts or alternatively just go with the flow and wear what you find is best for you.

Take 2: Decide on your footwear. Make yourself at ease, however, do not be afraid to experiment with something outside your comfort. 

Take 3: Carry a bag. Make a statement with a bold color or you can opt to keep it minimal. However, it is a must to carry a bag that can accommodate everything you need to be on-the-go.

You may find these at

Take 4: Complete the look by accessorizing. Belts are always in style, but you may also opt for non-conventional accessories such as a brooch or pocket square.


You may find these at 

Take 5 - Style your hair the best way that suits you.

There you go, you are ready with a look that is simply your essence.

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