Cost-Per-Wear: Justifying cost of sustainable fashion

Cost-Per-Wear: Justifying cost of sustainable fashion

Sustainable Clothing is an umbrella term that may be loosely defined as garments which are green, ethical and economically fair; harboring elements of  diversity, inclusivity and transparency. 

Sustainable Fashion Brands aim to produce garments made from eco-friendly fabrics which are not mass produced. The raw materials for these fabrics are also organically/naturally/recycled fabrics which are limited in supply. Much of these fabrics are dyed using natural dyeing processes, materials are ethically sourced and vendors/employees are fairly paid. More often than not, natural dyeing ends up being more costly than chemical dyes and the fabrics that are dyed are comparatively exorbitant. All these factors and much makes the complete cycle more expensive and go into the price of the finished product. Overall, sustainable production is a finer process, and the products will last longer, this is where the relatively higher price is justified. Added expenses and processes are the outcome of the actuality of effort and time.

This may however, hinder the perceptions about sustainable clothing and their prices which may create a thick layer of fog in front of the consumers creating a barrier for them to understand the true cost of the clothing.


Hence, a notion known as "cost per wear," or CPW, is a reliable method to comprehend what is the true amount of expenditure on your apparel. Simply said, cost per wear is a measure that shows you the lifetime worth of an item as well as how much it really costs you to wear it each time.

The perception of something having value for price is quite arbitrary and, in the end, extremely personal. It all comes down to an individual's personality, attitude, beliefs, and also what they would like to invest their spendings in. 

Cost-per-wear advises us to determine the real value of our clothing. It assists us in evaluating what we are purchasing and how long it will endure. It encourages us to buy clothing of utmost quality that are curated thinking of longevity. In the short run, the costs seem to be more however, it is only beneficial in to long run and effectively conserves our money. Furthermore, clothing inspired from timeless silhouettes and  having versatility in its usage or functionality also supports a garment’s longevity, as it is independent of ever-changing fashion trends, greatly devaluing its cost per wear.

To say the least, one will have a far more pleasurable dressing routine, there will be reduced wastage in terms of clothes that are thrown away to thrift stores or the dumpster, and a pocket that appreciates you if you fully clasp on the cost per wear approach while maintaining ethical fashion standards. The ideology of cost-per-wear is a nudge in the right direction and makes it possible for us to create an efficient wardrobe that is functional.

In the end, it is all about making smarter, better and wiser purchases. Learn to appreciate what you choose to add to your closet. It will prove to be favorable in the distant future, for you, for us and for those to come.


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